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Johnby Hall Estate Pork
Our delicious free-range pork is available to buy. You can buy from us here at Johnby Hall or we can deliver within the local area. Our sausages and selected other cuts are also available at Hesket Newmarket shop.  We can also take advance orders for specific cuts and are pleased to offer a trade discount to other local bed and breakfasts.


Please call us to discuss. 017684 83257

Our full pricelist can be downloaded here.
Sausages: £8.30 per kg
Cumberland sausage
Pork and leek sausage
Pork sausage
Ginger and nutmeg sausage
Farmhouse sausage
Pork and damson chutney (with our own damsons!)

Average price for a pack of six sausages: £2.50-£3.50

Other cuts include:  fillet of pork, loin steak, shoulder joint, chops, pork leg joint,

gammon joint, gammon steaks and back bacon (dry cured)    

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